The recent issue of Military Press dated April 1, 2013, has on the front cover the title “Guns in America” showing a gun on an American flag and three hollow point bullets. The Military Press is a free publication. They advertise that they serve active and retired military, DOD workers and civilians. There are several feature articles–“Gun control debate rages on” and “Hey Uncle Sam, why the bulk ammo buy?” In very small print below the latter title it states, “This is from a conspiracy-theorist’s blog.” Following that article is another article with a picture and caption “Retired captain pens letter of concern.” The letter was also posted on Facebook and was sent to a Senator from Texas. It warns that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to go to war with the citizens of the United States. The captain states in his letter “there can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is preparing for the bloodiest war in America history and it’s going to take place here on American soil. When? It has to be prior to the 2016 election, unless he manages to force a constitutional amendment allowing himself to run for a third term.”

When I read these articles it reminded me of the time I was present in a football stadium at the University of California Santa Barbara in 1970. Attorney William Kunstler delivered a speech to the students railing against the United States Government. There was a lot of student unrest at the time for many reasons. I left the stadium saying to myself that his speech will incite the students to riot. Sure enough what followed thereafter were students rioting in Isla Vista, a community located beside the campus and where a lot of students resided and shopped. Places were burned and a lot of damage done.

Young minds are very impressionable. My point is that parents should not assume your minor is not capable of doing something horrendous. The number of teenagers killing in our schools should convince you of that by now. If you allow minors access to guns or deadly weapons, it is likely they do not have the same maturity to control their behavior as more mature adults. A minor threatening to kill someone, shoot up a school, or do serious harm to others will cause fear to many. If there is a cache of weapons in the home, the concern goes up dramatically even if reportedly under lock and key. Tell your minors to never threaten to do serious bodily harm to others. Regularly review their texts, Facebook, and Instagram messages. Examine any computer they are using as to the sites they are visiting and emails they are sending.

I would like to believe that those who espouse warnings of our government going to war against its citizens can control their behavior; but can we have the same confidence that other men, women and teenagers hearing and reading this type conspiracy-theorist rhetoric will not be incited to violence.

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