Women child molesters. Juvenile Law.

It’s not often you read that talk about women and girls who molest.  A 38-year-old cheerleading coach and mother of a cheerleader invited a 14-year old football player (the victim) to whom she was attracted to drink alcohol with her friends and his friends.  She encouraged the victim to get drunk and she got drunk herself.  She followed the victim into the computer room where she drew her initials in lipstick on the victim’s cheek.  She took off his football jersey, put it on, and took a  picture of herself sitting in the victim’s lap.  The woman then insisted, over the objections of her husband, to drive the victim and his friends home in her truck.  She insisted only the victim sit in the front seat with her. While driving, she proceeded to put her hand down the victim’s pants and proceeded to stroke the victim’s penis in an up-and-down motion. The victim finally was able to get one of his friends to get in the front seat with him so the woman would stop her groping.  She was given a huge break by the prosecutor and the judge by being allowed to plead only to felony child endangerment.  The court sentenced her to four years in prison, suspended execution of the sentence and held in abeyance the decision whether to require her to register as a sex offender.  The woman violated probation twice; once by having unauthorized contact with children at a skate park and lying about it.  The second time was for embezzling over $10,000 from her employer.  The court sentenced her to four years in prison  and required her to register as a sex offender.  The victim fell into a tail spin after the molestation. He was ridiculed by his friends and by other students at school, he quit school, began drinking alcohol, using drugs and ran away from home.  People v. Toni Rae Allexy, (2012) 2012 DJDAR 4747 (Los Angeles Daily Journal Cite)

Girls do molest as well as boys.  We hear stories of how boys were first introduced to sex by an older sister exposing their private areas to their younger brother.  It is too often we see cases of brothers, sisters, step-sisters, half-sisters, and girls in blended families engaging in inappropriate sexual acts. The reported incidents of girls and women molesting is negligible compared to the reports of boys and men molesting girls.  The above case demonstrates how easy it is to let one’s guard down and engage in sexual molest of a minor with very severe consequences.  It is foolish to think most minors and adults cannot become sexually attracted to a minor of the opposite sex.  Do not allow yourself to become attracted in the first place.  Inappropriate touching will eventually be disclosed.  It is like playing with a bomb–handle it the wrong way and it will likely explode and cause serious damage.

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