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A ten and eleven-year-old boys are in custody in the State of Washington charged with conspiracy to commit murder of a fellow eleven-year-old female classmate. The two allegedly planned to kill the girl “because she was really annoying.” The ten-year-old had a functioning .45 caliber Remington 1911 semi-automatic handgun, ammo clip and a knife in his backpack at school. He said he took the gun from his older brother’s room. His brother had taken it a few months prior from his deceased grandfather’s home. The eleven-year-old companion was going to stab the girl with the knife.

We have attempted in a series of blogs to warn parents of the absolute need to put all guns in their homes under lock and key and only the parents have access to them.  I can guarantee you this story and far worse will be replayed and replayed ad nauseum if parents don’t do this.

These terrible offenses by minors would not take place if they did not have access to guns and other weapons that can kill. Parents blindly believe their minor(s) are not capable of doing such horrific acts. I would venture to say that every part of this country has heard these terrible stories of minors using guns to kill.

By allowing your minor(s) access to weapons YOU are putting them at risk for potential lifetime incarceration, life threatening injuries to themselves, their friends and others.
Educate your minor(s) to never threaten to kill or do seriously bodily harm to others.

Don’t fool yourself that minors are not capable of committing atrocious and horrifying offenses. Here are a couple of real cases where young minors committed terrible offenses without the use of guns. Two 10-year-old boys in England were convicted of abducting and killing a 2-year-old boy whose mother had left him at the front door of a butcher shop while she quickly purchased some items. The boys punched, kicked, picked up and dropped the little boy on his head. They sexually assaulted him, flung paint in his left eye, threw stones at him, beat him with bricks, and hit him with an iron bar. I recall one of the boys took out the dead boys’ eyeballs. When asked why, one of the boys reported “so he could not identify me.” The dead boy was left on a train track. Mary was 11 at the time of her conviction. She strangled to death a
3-year-old boy. The boys hair was cut away, puncture marks were found on his thighs, and his genitals were partially skinned. She imprinted the letter “M” on his stomach.

I have some serious questions whether a number of the minors that commit these serious offenses truly understand the gravity of what they are doing and the fact they are taking human lives. The enormity of what they have done does not impact them until after the fact. They are usually in shock for quite some time afterwards. The odds are your well-behaved minor will not do something terrible. Why take a chance that they or one of their friends will not do something crazy with a gun or other deadly weapon that has not been securely locked up.

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