School Suspension and Expulsion Lawyer

Lawyer for Expelled Students

When a child is suspended from school, parents should see this as a wake-up call. Although not every suspension is valid, a school disciplinary action may be a canary in the coal mine. With the guidance of a caring lawyer who understands juvenile matters, parents may be able to make a big difference in their kids’ futures and get them back on track after suspensions.

At McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers are highly knowledgeable about school law, juvenile crimes and other matters related to children. Since founding our law firm in the 1970s, attorney Michael D. McGlinn has been advocating for young people who find themselves in trouble with the law and at school. As a school suspension and expulsion lawyer, he has been able to help many young people turn their lives around.

How We Help

When helping parents whose child was suspended or expelled, our goal is always to keep the young person out of juvenile hall. We do this by:

  • Advocating for alternative schools
  • Referring parents and children for treatment and counseling
  • Educating parents and children about preparing for hearings and meetings with school officials

Additionally, some offenses that lead to suspension or expulsion are actually criminal matters. For example, if a teenager brings a gun or other weapon to school, he or she may face juvenile or adult criminal charges. Our law firm can defend the child in adult court or be an advocate in the juvenile justice system. We will get young people into drug and alcohol treatment programs or find other rehab options if that is what is needed to keep children in school.

To schedule a free initial telephone consultation, contact McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law. Call us at 619-291-5115 if your child was expelled or suspended from school. An experienced San Diego school suspension and expulsion attorney can help.