Juveniles and the Law: Prevention Is the Best Solution

Our law firm seeks to help juveniles avoid becoming involved with the criminal justice system. We help parents who seek help their teenagers avoid legal problems involving:

Sex Abuse

McGlinn & McGlinn represents minors accused of sexual misconduct with other minors. Usually these are allegations of sexual touching of a younger sibling, step-sister, sister of a friend, younger sibling of a friend or friend at school. These are very serious allegations that could lead to a damaging record, incarceration, possible sex offender registry and other horrible consequences. Don’t think your family is immune. It happens in the best of families who have good kids. Our Juvenile Law Center is in the process of preparing both written and video material to assist families in preventing sex abuse.


Protect your child. Parents must be proactive and find out which Internet sites their kids are viewing. If your minor uses the computer, it is crucial that the computer has a pornography blocking program. Do the homes your child visits have pornography blocking programs on their computers? Kids in the sixth and seventh grades are talking about doing sexual acts. If not dealt with swiftly, the viewing of pornography will carry over to adulthood. It is quite common for us to represent adults with no prior criminal records on charges of viewing child pornography. The federal government has seen a huge increase in prosecutions for this offense. Prosecutors seek lengthy prison sentences and sex registration for decades.


Why do honest people steal? Why do kids steal when they do not need to steal? What do you do when you know your child has stolen candy from the local store or money from your dresser or wallet? It is quite common to see theft and related burglary charges filed against adolescent females who go to the mall to shop and end up stealing. Theft by a minor needs to be addressed immediately. If not dealt with, it will continue. Like any other offense, theft behavior can lead to more serious consequences when the minor becomes an adult unless the behavior is quickly addressed when discovered. The Juvenile Law Center is in the process of preparing both written and video material to help families address theft issues before they spiral out of control and come to the attention of the authorities.


Illegal drug use is everywhere. Parents must be pro-active. Once they know their kid is using drugs, parents need to address drug issues immediately. Very rarely do we see a minor who has not tried marijuana or other illegal substances. Is your minor taking prescribed medication? Strict control of prescription medication is required, as otherwise your minor might furnish the drug to another student, face expulsion and subsequent criminal proceedings. Drug issues will eventually catch up with the minor even if they escape prosecution as juveniles. We represent college students and professional school students charged with selling drugs, behaviors learned as juveniles. We also represent professionals whose licenses are in jeopardy for drug use. McGlinn & McGlinn can provide you with our recommendations and refer you to an expert in the field


If children take knives, guns or air soft guns to school and the items are discovered, they will be suspended and most probably recommended for expulsion. Schools take these matters very seriously. Manufacturing dry ice bombs, The Works Bomb, and similar devices will lead to immediate suspension and possible expulsion from school. Criminal charges will also follow. The lawyers at McGlinn & McGlinn have represented minors involved in fatalities caused by playing with guns. Even if they are just showing off, kids who take weapons to school can face serious consequences, including suspension or expulsion.

Computer Crimes

McGlinn & McGlinn have represented minors for computer hacking, changing grades on their school’s computer, building phony web sites and soliciting credit card numbers for illegal purchases, exhibiting pornography and threatening or bullying others. Examine your child’s MySpace, Facebook and other social media sites. Be observant, and ask questions if they seem to have items that you did not buy for them.

CPS (Child Protective Services)

Do you discipline your child with a belt, a wooden spoon, a brush or perhaps just your hand? Do you have fights with your spouse in front of your child? Do you use illegal drugs? Are you adopting a child? Are you a foster parent, a teacher or a coach? Did you give birth to a premature infant who was in an NICU unit? Are you an active co-parenting father who shares in bathing and child care? The answers to these questions have the potential to cause Child Protective Services to become involved in your life. Our recommendations can help you avoid behaviors that may cause CPS to investigate and possibly remove your child from your home.

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