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California Detention Hearing Lawyer

The process of losing a child in a juvenile dependency matter is both terrifying and confusing. It is critical that you have experienced and compassionate legal advocacy to help you get through the process. The stakes are extremely high; the court may eventually refer your child out for adoption and terminate your parental rights entirely.

The attorneys at McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law, focus on all legal issues related to children and youth, including dependency matters. Our lead attorney, Michael D. McGlinn, has been practicing law in the San Diego area since the 1970s. His experience and knowledge of all types of juvenile court procedures helps parents whose child is the subject of dependency proceedings.

Summary of the California Child Dependency Process

These matters begin with allegations of child abuse or endangerment that cause the Child Protective Services department (CPS) to take a child into protective custody. To have the child returned to the family, CPS holds a detention hearing to determine whether the child will be released from protective custody.

If the child is detained because of serious concerns by CPS, he or she remains in protective custody for another 15 days until a jurisdictional hearing. If, after this hearing the child continues in protective custody, the subsequent process includes a dispositional hearing, a six-month review hearing and 12 and 18-month permanency hearings. At each of these steps, the parent may be able to have the child returned.

How We Can Help

The best thing our lawyers can do is develop an acceptable solution that will allow the child to remain at home. If this requires parents to attend counseling or be treated for substance abuse, our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about available resources. We also make sure that parents meet all deadlines and are prepared to attend hearings.

In some instances, having a grandparent or other relative take charge makes it possible for a child to remain in the family home. Occasionally, it may be best to have the relative become the child’s legal guardian or adoptive parent. We regularly represent family members wishing to become de facto parents to enable them to have a voice in the placement and care of the minor(s) in the case. Our law firm can handle all matters related to de facto parent applications, guardianship or adoption if this appears to be the best path for the child.

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