Emergency Guardianship and Adoption of Minor in California

Temporary Guardian of a Minor in San Diego

If you are a grandparent of children whose parents are having problems with drugs, alcohol or mental illness, you may be able to take action that keeps the family together. By doing this, many grandparents prevent Child Protective Services (CPS) from taking their grandchildren and adopting them out or placing them in foster care.

At McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law, we help grandparents and other relatives preserve their families through adoption and guardianship. We have helped many families when the parents are facing juvenile dependency hearings or other actions initiated by CPS to remove children from their homes.

As a lawyer handling many juvenile law matters since the 1970s, our founder, Michael D. McGlinn Esq., is both experienced and compassionate. He and his son, attorney Ryan M. McGlinn Esq., understand the stress and anxiety families face when they encounter legal problems that have the potential to tear the family apart. We are here to help.

How We Help With Guardianships and Adoptions

Our assistance depends on the family’s specific circumstances and can include:

  • Helping grandparents already caring for children adopt or be their designated guardians
  • Establishing emergency guardianships when a parent becomes unable to care for the children
  • Providing advice and counsel to parents and grandparents about guardianship issues
  • Reversing guardianships when the family becomes stable

We urge grandparents to not try to accomplish guardianships by themselves. Our law firm has handled many guardianship and adoption proceedings and knows what to do.

In addition to helping grandparents adopt or become guardians, we also handle private placement adoptions. We advise parents who are considering adopting about the risks, benefits and services available to adoptive parents.

To schedule a free initial telephone consultation about an emergency guardianship or adoption of a minor in California, contact McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law. Call us at 619-291-5115.