San Diego Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

Is Your Child a California Minor Charged As an Adult?

A young person charged with certain crimes in California may face trial in an adult court. In these circumstances, it is critical to have a defense attorney who can deal with the criminal charges and protect your child. It is also important to have a lawyer who understands the juvenile justice system, because most instances of children being tried as adults originate in juvenile court.

At McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law, we are able to handle all aspects of criminal charges against juveniles. Since the 1970s, our law firm has been advocating for parents and their children in a wide range of juvenile law matters. This means that we are able to handle a juvenile criminal charge, whether it moves to adult court.

How We Help

In addition, our attorneys are able to deal with matters associated with criminal charges. Many teens charged with serious offenses may also be the subject of juvenile dependency proceedings or have recently been expelled from school. Parents who consult our lawyers about their children can be confident that we can help them with all legal matters involving their children.

We have defended kids who were charged in adult court with crimes such as murder and rape. We have represented many young people at fitness hearings that determine whether they should be tried in adult or juvenile court. We have represented parents in abuse cases. In short, we handle all criminal charges and any matters that involve Child Protective Services or the schools.

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