San Diego County Juvenile Defense Attorney

California Juvenile Law Attorneys

If you receive notice that your child is facing a juvenile court matter, it is important to find the best possible representation. At McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law, a San Diego County juvenile defense lawyer can not only address the immediate legal problem, but also refer you to organizations that can help with non-legal issues that may affect your child’s future. It is important to contact us immediately when first advised of school suspension/expulsion issues or that your child will possibly be facing juvenile court charges.

California Juvenile Law Attorneys

Our legal practice includes all matters related to juvenile law, including:

  • Juvenile crime: Our goal is to protect young people from the consequences of a juvenile crime charge.
  • Juvenile dependency: We represent clients in child abuse/neglect hearings and help them preserve their parental rights.
  • Child Protective Services and Child Abuse Index: The California Child Protective Services (CPS) department has the power to take your child from you. We can help.
  • School suspensions and expulsions: School problems can be an indicator of greater difficulties in the future — difficulties that can lead to legal problems.
  • Guardianships and adoptions: If your family is having troubles involving drug addiction or mental illness, it is better to have a grandparent become your child’s guardian rather than involving CPS.
  • Grandparents, Relatives & Foster Parents: We represent grandparents, relatives, foster parents, and prospective adoptive parents in juvenile dependency cases. We can assist in filing for De Facto Parent status, guardianships, and adoptions.
  • Criminal defense: If there’s a possibility that your teenager will be tried in adult court, it is critical that he or she has an experienced defense attorney who understands both the adult and juvenile systems. Parents of abused or battered children can be prosecuted in adult court and it is very advantageous to have the same firm handling both the juvenile and criminal case.
  • Prevention: There are public services available to help families whose children are in trouble with the  legal system. Our lawyers can refer you.
  • DMV hearings: We help clients deal with the consequences of an arrest for DUI, drugs or serious traffic offenses. We will advocate for you at DMV hearings.

Personal Attention, Experienced Representation

We take the time to get to know you and your child so that we can develop solutions tailored to your child’s specific circumstances. Because of attorney Michael D. McGlinn and Ryan M. McGlinn’s many years of experience, our firm can quickly present you with alternatives so that you can start helping your child.

To schedule a free initial telephone consultation with a San Diego juvenile attorney, contact McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law. Call us at 619-291-5115 to discuss your situation.

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